Alexis G.CEO


    Meet Alexis Groessl, the CEO of Raw Yogi. Alexis is a vegan New Yorker who loves to travel the world. In her youth she learned everything about organic farming from spending a lot of time in her family’s garden, planting and harvesting vegetables, fruits and herbs. Her background lies in alternative medicine as a Reiki practitioner and as a professional dancer and former competitive gymnast. After sustaining countless injuries as a former athlete and taking every single painkiller on the market without success, pain management became the subject of the day. But after being introduced to Reiki and Yoga, her entire outlook on life changed. Alexis felt a strong mind, body and soul connection with yoga that immediately captured her, which is how her yoga journey and yogic lifestyle began. Her interest’s lay in natural healing, herbal medicine, vegan holistic nutrition, time in nature and of course her athletic ventures. A combination of Reiki, Yoga, herbs and a clean diet changed Alexis’s life, which is why she is dedicated to running an honest company that only provides the best products and services to aid in healing and a clean and healthy lifestyle.

    “Once I figured out how to heal myself through my choices, my life path became very clear. Today, everything that enters my body, mind and soul, has to be pure, because my wonderful vessel deserves only the best”!


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