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5 Reason Why You Should Stop Using Styrofoam

Styrofoam has been around longer then most of us can probably even remember. Used for so many things, it is almost impossible to image a world without it. Styrofoam or Polystyrene, is a patrolium-based plastic. I was very shocked to see how harmful this product is, and how many people are unaware of its dangers. It is good to see many cities banning the use of styrofoam, and many more companies opting for eco-friendly options. Here are 5 reasons for you to join the styrofoam banned wagon, good one right?

#1. Leaches On Your Food

When styrofoam is used for food or beverage containers, it can leach on to the contents it’s holding. This is increased when reheated or holding hot foods or beverages. That means your eating and drinking chemicals. YUM!

#2. Deadly To Animals

Styrofoam is on the list of top 10 things littered on our grounds and beaches. Styrofoam isn’t biodegradable and breaks down into little pieces. Animals mistake these pieces for food, causing deadly results. Our animal friends deserve better.

#3. Bad For The Environment

There are 57 chemical by-products released during the creation of Styrofoam. This pollutes the air, and also produces solid and liquid waste. Styrofoam is also manufactured using hydrofluorocarbons, which negatively impacts the ozone layer.

#4. Hard To Recycle

Styrofoam is very hard to recycle. Many city recycling facilities have stop accepting styrofoam all together. Since it’s not a closed loop recycling product, it can only be reused for other harmful plastic items.

#5. Possible Human Carcinogen

Styrene has been established as a possible human carcinogen by the EPA and the  International Agency for Research on Cancer. Chronic exposure to styrene can affect the nervous system, and lead to other symptoms.

Now that you got the gist, will you make the switch?

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